2012 Ornament Collection - Limited Edition

About The Ornaments

The Kate Foundation for Rett Syndrome Research is proud to announce the release of our 2012 glass ornament collection for Rett syndrome research fundraising.

How You Can Help

Since 2009, the Kate Foundation has sold more than 2,000 ornaments and has shipped them to over 35 states, Canada and Britain. Our previous ornament campaigns have raised tens of thousands of dollars for Rett syndrome research. We would appreciate if you would share this website and fundraising effort with friends, family and colleagues. The ornaments have been extremely popular among parents and families who have given the ornaments as gifts to their childrens' teachers, therapists, caregivers and doctors. Many families have reported the ornaments are popular at grab bag events and as hostess gifts for holiday parties.

What does 'Limited Edition' mean?

Limited Edition means that we have acquired only a limited number of each ornament. When we sell out, we will not be re-ordering new inventory. Please order early.

A Message from Glass Eye Studio

The Glass Eye Studio design approach is "Teamwork." Our team strives for innovative, affordable and leading-edge glass design. We incorporate the visions of our customers, designers, sales staff and glass blowers in our approach to design.

Over 60 new products/designs every 6 months are added to the 'line'. We make an intense effort at new product lines resulting from customer feedback and exploration of 'century old' glass forming techniques. The design effort is managed under the direction of Dale Leman.

The Northwest is a great place to design and blow glass. Cool temperatures moderate the tremendous heat produced when working glass. Artists recognize the benefit of our climate and have moved in mass to the Seattle area. This combined with the draw of the Pilchuk Glass School has created a wonderful pool of glass artists with whom we work.

Ornament Inspiration

Our visit to a cathedral with Kate was the inspiration for the ornament idea. Like many girls with Rett Syndrome, Kate loves vibrant colors, music and most anything that lights up. In July 2009, we visited family in Savannah, Georgia and attended mass at the towering Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. Soaring music and four-story stained-glass windows mesmerized Kate for a large portion of the service and the ornament idea was born.